Saturday, March 19, 2011

Announcing the Divorce Field Madness Tourney

I checked with a friend if I was legally obligated to do a March Madness tourney on this blog since it is sports related.   I have never filled out a bracket for the Tourney and really didn't want to start.   Fortunately, my friend who knows my dislike of March Madness very well and has occassional flashes of brilliance, suggested I do  a family law tourney.  

The idea is simple.   I took stories from the last year (mostly) that involved sports figures and family law.   I broke them into four sports categories:   NFL, NBA, MLB and Other.   I had to go with Other because apparently all the other sports -- including hockey -- are far to genteel for their family law issues to make the news.   The details of each case can be found under the "Divorce Field Madness Tourney" tab at the top of the page.   To play, just vote for your favorite cases in the polls below.   The top two from each category will go on to the next round.  The next round will have the top case from each category move on.   From there, the final four will be paired in a way I find interesting (hey I am running this thing, I get to seed it).  Then finally the votes will be for the most intriguing, interested, screwed up, expensive, whatever family law story of the year.

The sixteen cases are in the poll on your right.   Scroll through to vote for each category.  You may vote for more than one case in each category.   However, this is not Chicago, you may only vote once.   And no dead people voting.

Feel free to comment on the cases in the Comments Section.   Enjoy.  

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