Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not Just the Team Loses

Sorry I have not posted in a while.   Hate when life and the day job gets in the way of the fun stuff.   Except what I have to post today is not so fun.

It has long been presumed that domestic violence is a problem in professional athlete families.   It seems that the NFL has the biggest problem in this area.   Now it seems the NFL fans have a problem too.    

When the team one roots for loses, it is terrible.   You know you have to go to work on Monday and try to explain to all your colleagues what happened.   (Last year, as a Dallas fan, I just said "We suck" a lot).   It bums you out.   But, there is always next week (unless one roots for the Lions, Bengals, Browns or Raiders).   Eventually, you get over it.    You might be a bit morose for a bit or even a bit short with the family.   Nothing serious though.  

Except for some fans.    For some fans, a team loss is just another excuse to beat the crap out of their significant other.    A new study published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics shows a 10% increase in domestic violence after a team loss, especially if the team should have won.    In other words, guys get mad that their team didn't win a game they should have and they take it out on their wives or girlfriends.   They don't get mad at the team.   Mostly because going to confront a 300 pound guy about a loss in a game is not a good idea.   See, abusers know who they can get away with abusing.    It ain't the 300 pound guy or their bosses.   It's the person they claim they love.  

They were not more violent when the team lost when it was unexpected to lose.   It appears then there is a link between unmet expectations (team loses when it should have won) and the violence.   These spoiled men then take their anger for not getting what they want on the person they claim to love.   Much like a child throwing a temper tantrum because mommy won't buy him a new toy.    These men never grew up, never learned to deal with adversity.   It's always someone's fault.

Here's a thought.   Just watch the damn game.    If it was all about who was "supposed" to win, they wouldn't bother to play.    They would just post the win based on expectations.    So grow the hell up.   It's a game.   It's not like it really effects your life whether your favorite football team wins or loses.   Your life will go on just the same.  

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