Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fun with Twitter -- Henry VII

As many of you know, I have a twitter account (eplawyer).   It's supposed to be about family law, but let's fact it, a vast majority of my tweets are about football.   It happens.   I also enjoy following fictional accounts.   I even interact with them, replying to tweets and having a conversation in 140 characters.   One of my best Twitter days was the day that the NIHBear, SUETrex, the MarsRat and HenryTudor all replied to me.   The MarsRat was a little late, but I put that down to the lag time in communications between Earth and Mars.   Is it silly?   Sure.   But I deal with the messiest parts of people's lives after major illness/injury, divorce and custody.   I need some silliness occasionaly.

HenryTudor, better known as Henry VIII is the most fun to interact with.   His ego is as big as his girth.   Plus he is either a divorce lawyer's dream or nightmare.   On the one hand, all that repeat business keeps a roof over one's head and food on one's table.   On the other hand, his choosing to behead a couple of wives rather than going to court is a bit off-putting (a bit???).   Of course, writing up all those pre-nups would be quite lucrative.   What pre-nups?   What do you think marriage contracts and betrothal agreements were?   But again, he found a rather unconventional way to get out of a couple of those.   Beheading again -- with a side of seizure for treason.   Yes, cheating on the King was a form of treason.

After one fun exchange about Richard III yesterday, I thought some more about his divorce situation(s).    Mainly about his divorce from Anne of Cleves.   His divorce from Catherine of Aragon was not pretty.   But Anne did all right out of it.   First, she got to keep her head.   I'm sure she considered that a win right there.   But according to Wikipedia (this is  a blog, not a legal brief, I can cite Wikipedia here), she got Richmond Palace and Hever Castle.   Hever Castle used to belong to the Boleyn family.  Guess how they lost it.   She got some other properties too and was welcome at court as the King's "Beloved Sister."    Pretty good deal and all she had to do was agree to an annulment.   Since there is evidence she wasn't that thrilled with the marriage either, this wasn't too hard to do.

If the marriage is over -- accept it, get the best deal you can and move on.   You might not be beheaded for not doing so, but hey, you might get Anne's deal out of it.