Friday, March 11, 2011

Putting It All in Perspective

I woke up to news of the horrific 8.9 earthquake that hit Japan this morning.   It was followed by a tsunami with a wave reported as high as 23 feet.   Waves are beginning to hit Hawaii as I type this.   The devastation is incredible.   Hundreds missing, including possibly a boat with 100 passengers and a train.   Nuclear plants are also affected, with evacuations ordered near one.   No one knows what the final death toll will be.   The Christchurch quake was just a couple weeks ago with equal devastation.  

It really snaps things into perspective.   Mike Florio over at ProFootballTalk posted about this in an excellent piece concerning the NFL CBA.   Is trying to figure out how to divide up a $9 BILLION pie that important?   I think not.  

Looking at it from the family law perspective, it really brings the big picture into focus.   Does it really matter who the kids live with as long as they are safe and cared for?    Who cares who gets the house as long as it is still standing?   Oh and the golf clubs, third car, stamp collection or whatever?   Really, is that worth the fight over?    Your ex wants a few extra bucks in child support?   If you can afford it, pay it.   It's for the kids, who you love so much.   I am not saying these things are never fighting over.   But, make sure the fight is for the right reasons.   Don't keep arguing with your ex just because you are mad at the break up of the relationship.   Keep the focus on what really matters.   Love.   Going home at the end of the day to a warm house.   Waking up the next day knowing you will see your kids smiling faces, get a hug and a kiss from them.

There are people in Christchuch and Japan who will never experience those things again.   Don't take what you have for granted.   Appreciate it every day.  

If you want to help the people of Christchurch or Japan, I am sure the Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, Mercy Corps and many other fine organzations are accepting donations.    All of the organizations I have listed are rated by Charity Navigator.     

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