Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh No - Ocho Does Reality TV

Yes, he did the TO and Ocho show last year.    The ratings about equalled the Bengals play on the field.   With the NFL Lockout stretching into its THIRD month, Ocho is getting bored.   He tried bull riding, snake wrangling and a few other things.   Now he wants to do another reality show.

This reality show will be with Basketball Wives Alumna Evelyn Lozada (someone fill me in here on who she is).   Ocho and Ms. Lozada will allow the cameras to follow them around as they attempt to parent their children.   Not children they have with each other, Ocho and Evelyn are engaged to be married.    Apparently, Evelyn has one child and Ocho has 4 children with three different women.   Great, they are going to start married and blended family life with a reality show.   That bodes so well for their future.

Let me make this simple, adults can choose to do reality shows all they want.   You want to have your every move documents so numnuts with access to the internet but no mental filter can criticize everything you do, go right ahead.   But leave the kids the hell out of it.  

Kids don't get a say in this.   They can't even object to any of the terms of the contract.   They can't say "No Mom, No Dad, I don't want a camera following me everywhere I go."   And if you think child labor laws apply to reality shows like they do scripted tv shows think again.    Nope, these kids will be on camera for hours, with no relief.   Unless the parents call a halt to the filming.   Considering the parents think the show is a good idea in the first place, figure the odds of that happening.

It is exploitation of children pure and simple.   It is not in the best interest of the children to have their lives put all over tv.   Kids needs safety to make the mistakes kids make.   Not to have those mistakes blown up to get ratings.  

Now, all these kids have other parents.   Hopefully the father of Evelyn's child and the mother's of Ocho's kids will refuse permission.    One can hope.   Of course, it depends on how much the other parent gets paid out of it.   (What you are shocked parents would put money ahead of their kids' best interest?   Come spend a day in my law practice.)   Or even if the other parent says no, the reality show wannabe stars can just go to a judge.   That is what Denise Richards did with regards to her girls with Charlie Sheen.    Charlie in one of the few things he has done right recently said no to exploiting his children.   The judge said it would all right.   REALLY JUDGE?    I guess in LA even the judges are star struck.

Hopefully, this show will no do well in the ratings and get cancelled.   Hopefully, Ocho and Evelyn will put their fame whoredom on hold at least where their children are involved.   Hopefully, I will win the lottery this week.    Guess which one of those is most likely to happen.

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