Monday, May 2, 2011

Death of Osama Bin Laden

I should really be writing about the Royal Wedding or the draft or something, but really, is there any other news today?

I will always remember where I was and what I was doing when first heard.   I was reading Television without Pity while watching Firefly on the Science Channel.   Then the news came across Solosez (a listserv for solo and small firm attorneys run by the ABA).   I couldn't believe it.   After that, things get a little blurry.   I know I didn't turn on the tv right away, I am sure I went some website.   Then I grabbed my phone and called my dad.   I was weeping.  The last time I was weeping like that in phone call home was to tell him I passed the Maryland Bar.  EPLawDad hadn't heard.   He told EPLawBro to turn on the tv.    Bro was being a Bro and didn't want to turn the channel.   I later found out (thank you Facebook) that he was watching the Phillies game where they broke out into spontaneous shouts of USA.    EPLawDad used "the voice" and Bro turned the channel.   Great rejoicing.

Then I called the rest of my family and began emailing friends.    It was just such a relief.   This man had been the boogey man for 20 years.   Now he was gone.   I remember seeing his Nightline interview in 1995(?) where he declared war on the US.   He scared me then.    After 9-11, all I wanted was him dead.

I am a lawyer.   I truly believe in the rule of law.   I believe in everyone deserves their day in court.   I also try not to "hate" anyone.   I reserve that truly strong emotion for the truly evil.   Osama Bin Laden qualified, in my book, as truly evil.   As a human being who believes in the basic dignity of everyone, it is hard to justify rejoicing in the death of anyone.   But, to me, some people are so truly evil, so far beyond the bounds of human decency and civilized behavior, that death is the only option.   A trial in this case would have served nothing but to create a security nightmate.    Wanted dead or alive, means bring 'em back dead, save everyone the cost of a trial.

I believe in the rule of law.   I believe in human dignity.   I have no problem with Osama Bin Laden being dead, dead, dead.    I save my sympathy for the families of his victims.  

I wanted to go join the crowd at the White House last night, but had to work this morning.   Sometimes I hate being a grown up.    But, this I vow, for all of Al Qaeda's victims, I will make it out to Arlington Cemetary and the 9-11 Memorial this week.  

God Bless the USA.

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