Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Child Support - Not a Difficult Concept

Although for some it apparently is.   Yet another former pro athlete facing jail for failure to pay child support.   This time it's Dennis Rodman.   He is the "colorful" former Bull, Spur and probably some other teams.  

Look, I get it.   Child support orders are based on your income at the time the order is entered.   However, if your income changes, see what your options are to change the order.   In Maryland, child support is modifiable based on a material change of circumstances.   Material change of circumstances means something big changed that affects child support -- like not being a pro athlete and making the big salary anymore.  

Get it taken care of before the arrears add up.   If one waits, the judge will not be amused.   In the Rodman case  his third wife (which is a whole other post) claims arrears of $800,000.    C'mon, how do you let it get that high without doing something about it.  

Rodman's excuse is that he is broke.   Which would be believable if he were not photographed all the time at parties all over the world.   How does he get to these events?  Walk?    Most likely these are paid appearances.   Which means he has income.   That means he needs to pay his damn child support before he pays for anything else.

One more time, for those who think child support is optional:   Pay. Your. Child. Support.  

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