Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Not Even Once" Means You Too, Ocho

Now airing is a new PSA against domestic violence.   It features various sports figures speaking out against domestic violence saying that you don't hit someone you love even once.   It features David Beckham (all too briefly), Eli Manning and others along with Barack Obama and Joe Biden.   It does not feature Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson.    Which is a good thing considering the events of this weekend.

Chad was arrested Saturday night after an altercation with his wife one month, Evelyn Lozada.   It began over allegations of cheating and ended with violence.   He claims she headbutted him, she claims he headbutted her.   She was the one with the laceration and went to the hospital.

All of this is allegations at this point.   We don't know what happened between the two or who did what to whom.   What you don't do when someone is furious with you is get in a small enclosed space.   Which is what they did.   They were outside the car at home and got back  in the car to talk.    Furthermore, if the fight is getting heated -- walk away.  There is no rule that says you have to continue a fight.

Some men will say she was asking for it.   No one asks to be hit.   If someone is provoking you to the point that you feel you have no choice -- you do have a choice.   Walk. Away.

You don't want to be set up.   Walk. Away.

Be the better person and don't get into a physical fight.    It doesn't solve anything.   It just makes things very much worse.  

"Not even once" was taken seriously by the Dolphins.   They cut Johnson on Sunday night.  Yes, innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.   But your employer doesn't have to keep you employed.   If you get arrested as an NFL player or a barista at Starbucks you can lose your job.    Is your income really worth smacking someone upside the head?

Domestic violence is not acceptable.   It is not a way to resolve issues in a relationship.   It is about power.   Power that you think you have until the police put the cuffs on you and you find out who really has the power.

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  1. You are absolutely right. No one has a right to harm another. And that goes both ways. Men are abused just as much as women. It seems that women get more attention about it than men. The second party in this situation seems to also display a lack of self control and is easily angered. If one wants to display power, walk away, and don't go back.