Monday, May 7, 2012

Tell It to the Judge

Oh this is so not a good idea.    T.O. is going on Dr. Phil to give his side of allegations that he owes $20K in child support.   Let's leave aside the fact that Dr. Phil is not exactly a nice guy who is understanding about people's shortcomings.    Let's focus on why this is a bad, bad, bad idea for T.O.

First of all, either he owes the child support or he doesn't.    There's not a lot of sides to this story.    There's a court order for the support and either he paid what he was supposed to pay or he did not.   If he did pay, his lawyer should be filing a Motion to Dismiss.   If he did not, what the heck is there to explain?

Which leads to second of all, you don't do your explaining on TV.   You do your explaining in court.   A TV audience is not a judge.   A TV audience cannot excuse you from your court order duty to pay child support.   Any explanation you give on tv is not going to impress a judge.

Third of all, what any explanation will do is give an explanation you are stuck with.   If you try to change your story later, the other party just has to produce a tape of the Dr. Phil show and say "That's not what you said before."    It's called prior statements.   Doesn't matter if you are under oath.

TV, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are not the places to plead your case.   It does more harm than good.   Once you are involved in court -- or think you might wind up in court -- shut up.   Keep your thoughts between you and your attorney.  

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