Friday, November 4, 2011

Priorites People

So, TO has a bench warrant out for missing a child support hearing appearance.    Bench warrants are not "no big deal" as his attorney claims.   You can be arrested, you can be sent to jail.    These are not good things.

Why did he miss the court appearance?   It was the date of his open workout.    His attorney claims the point of the workout was to get a new contract so he could have income to pay his child support.   Which sounds good in theory.   Except the man had a myriad of dates to choose from for his workout.    He didn't have to pick the one day he was supposed to be in court.   That's ignoring the fact no one showed for his workout anyway.

The Court is looking for responsbility where kids are concerned.   If you can't even be bothered to arrange your schedule to make a hearing, the court does not want to hear any excuse from you.    Court takes priority over pretty much anything else.   You be in court or they MAKE you be in court -- often in an ugly orange jumpsuit.

According to his attorney, the child support is based on his old contract with the Cowboys from 2007.   Now, TO has not played for the Cowboys since at least 2008 (don't make me look it up, I try to forget those years in Dallas).   His last contract with the Bengals was nowhere near that much.   Why hasn't he requested a modification long before this?   Then he could have had his workout and his court date.

Now, that he is missed a court date?    Court is not going to be sympathetic to his pleas of poverty.    Especially when its his four kids who are paying for dad's irresponsibility.

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